Safeguarding Joy

butterfly, butterfly garden, Chiang Mai, Thailand, orchid farm, monarch

Photo taken at orchid farm in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

How can you appreciate the sweet fragrance of joy, without first wrinkling your nose at the acrid smell of sorrow?

True happiness can be found in a joyous moment; there is no doubt of that.

But to know the true bliss of being deeply and genuinely joyful, you must first feel the hollow, dull ache of unrelenting sorrow.

This is not to say that sorrow is happiness, or that happiness could not exist without it.

Rather, it is after sorrow that joy becomes so real.

After the crushing darkness of despair, you can see that joy as the indefinite, energizing force it really is.

Happiness isn’t the cheap and temporary thrill of a new toy or a great meal.

True happiness is knowing that, despite all the difficulties of life,

one may cherish the good memories,

safeguard the joy of the present,

and look forward to the bliss that destiny holds.



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