My personal experience with nature-deficit disorder:boy with camera, photographer, young man camera, camera, photography

Symptoms include:

NOT getting bug bites

NOT losing skin and blood off your wrists thanks to trees

NOT having a bad ankle for two days after jumping out of said tree

NOT having mud caked on your shoes

NOT smelling like swamp gas

Being able to sleep at night

nature, bunnies, bunny rabbit, rabbits, rabbits in cage, boy feeding rabbit

Are bunnies a safe cure?

As of personal experience, nature therapy has been GREAT. Not a day goes by where I miss having skin that doesn’t have holes in it. I look back on my time indoors, and I say, “You know, I like getting four hours of sleep because of eternal itching. I don’t know how I ever lived without it!”

On a serious note, yes it is good to be in the outdoors. But yes, prolonged experience to it is just as bad as being inside all the time, if not far worse.

I am RS Jacobs and I approve this message.


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