Elsewhere to Be

Unrest brings straining lungs and burning eyes,

And permits dreams to invade.

With every wound and each person who dies,

That exacted price is paid.

That which has feathers fall and scales arise,

On the hearts of living weighed.

dark clouds, storm clouds, thunderstorm, rain clouds, thunder, stormsEach day that passes brings the night’s reprise,

And time would self and else fade.

The ground beneath unsteady feet vies,

For the place where water’s laid.

A clouded sky betrays even the wise,

And threatens with bitter rain.

Darkness falls and shrouds all in somber guise;

Hides truth in the mess it made.

But that hidden truth will not so remain;

Shade now lifted, all are free.

The grim threat leaves with the subsiding rain,

And clouds find elsewhere to be.

–RS Jacobs (c)2011


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