Words to Uplift

To the heavy-laden:alone, lonely person, lonely man, man in museum, man looking out window

Watch your work carefully, and know that while you need not quit, you must stop at some point, for some time, or else be too fatigued to continue working.

So long as you lift and carry that burden may your strength be renewed, your endurance rendered even stronger, and your legs given strength for one more day.

To those making difficult decisions:

Peace to you in your time of trial. Know that you are not alone: there are others who can give you valuable inspiration to make the right choice.

Seek out those people. May your mind be clear, your decision wise, and your heart unladen by what may or may not be.

To those who suffer a great sorrow:

May love and joy fill your life in this difficult time. May your sorrow soon wane and fade, in favor of a brighter future.

girlfriends, girls on wall, girls sitting, young ladies sitting, friends, friendship, encouragingFind a friend who is willing to bear with you. Learn of their troubles, and be there for them, as there are few greater solutions to sorrow than to occupy your time with others, rather than yourself.

To those ensnared by the cruelty of society:

Do not let the withering words of society bring you down. Instead, take strength under their pressure, and emerge the better for it.

Bear their intensity for only long enough that you benefit from the resistance, then break free and stand firm.

RS Jacobs © 2011


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