Troll in the Hole

“In his walk, Gerhard stumbled upon a small village. The welcome sign said that he had just reached the Village of Dum, birthplace of the great hero Tweedle-Dum. It seemed to be abandoned, so Gerhard searched around at his leisure. Whoa! Right in front of him stood a massive troll in bright clothes, reared to attack. Gerhard was about to run, when he noticed that it was merely a statue. But, he thought, how did the villagers make a statue with such life-like color? This was no paint. Recovering from the shock, Gerhard entered a hut and looked around. There wasn’t much to see, so he exited, and found himself staring at a large cave at the foot of a mountain. He would have to explore that later, but now he opened the book in his bag and lifted it into the air. After a few seconds, the telltale chime and glisten were cast from the page, and he brought it back to his level and began to read,

The Village of Dum is a quaint, rather fascinating little settlement of red thatch roofs and many, brightly clothed trolls…

 Gerhard slammed the book shut and stared at nothing. Trolls? He had only heard of them in legend, yet he knew enough to not need the book. That statue in the town square was a troll that had been caught in the sunlight! He shivered, not from fear, but from the cold. The sun was setting, and he began to see torchlight coming from the mouth of the cave. Running at breakneck speed, Gerhard hid behind a column and waited….”

–an excerpt from “Adventures in the Rabbit Hole” by RS Jacobs, 2006