Ghosts of the Past

by: RS Jacobs

See, up there in the window —window, window through trees, middle east house

Looks just like a smudge or smoke.

I tell you, it’s a girl, though.

I mean it, guys! There’s no joke.

She is up there watching me

From her old wooden confines.

I think that the past plays host

To some kind of freaky ghost!

She was born in a dark place —

Chased by a death-pale monster

With lots of teeth in its face.

She fled; he could not find her.

One friend she had; went too far.

Then when he left, she gave up.

Now his roommate’s room plays host

To her joyous, hating ghost!

She came from a broken home —

All who lived there don’t belong.

She wrote life in many tomes,

Even if she wrote it wrong.

Though he tried to help her write,

All he did was tear the page.

Now his mobile home plays host

To her quiet, screaming ghost!

She had lived a hard-knock life —

Good was bad things in disguise.

Her mind grew fast to take strife,

And her heart strong through demise.

He dared to enter this fray

To become the friend she needs.

Will his deepest soul play host

To a third surviving ghost?

I’m warning you, my dear friends:

We should all get moving fast.

Lest we should each meet our end

And become ghosts of the past!


Finding My Oasis

By: RS Jacobs (c)2012

desert, sand, dunes, sand dunes,

Like waves washing up on shore;

Like snow falling on the peaks;

Like the sand in an hourglass;

Of them all, you mean much more.

As time flies in days and weeks,

I think of you — the hard times pass.

Every time we speak, it’s like a wave came in,island, snoopy island, beach, shore, waves, snorkeling

And you rode it to me, stranded on the shore.

I know my luck. I keep thinking I’m dreaming.

Yet each wave brings you back, again and again,

And each time one crashes in, I thirst for more.

If I’m asleep, then I want to keep dreaming.

winter, trees, snowy trees, snow on ground, woods, forest, winter wonderlandEach time I see you, it’s like winter’s first snow

That had fallen last night in white drifts and peaks.

I check my eyes. The month’s not even July.

But the snow keeps falling, and that’s when I know,

That when the snow melts and it stays gone for weeks,

The next chance to see your face will make time fly.

When you’re not around, life is like desert sand —oasis, wadi, palm trees, creek, hills, mountain, desert stream

Hot and abrasive and going nowhere fast.

I grit my teeth. It’s been days since I’ve seen grass.

You’re an oasis: life puts you in demand.

When you are back with me, the sandstorm has passed.

Finding you has put an end to the hourglass.

Words to Uplift

To the heavy-laden:alone, lonely person, lonely man, man in museum, man looking out window

Watch your work carefully, and know that while you need not quit, you must stop at some point, for some time, or else be too fatigued to continue working.

So long as you lift and carry that burden may your strength be renewed, your endurance rendered even stronger, and your legs given strength for one more day.

To those making difficult decisions:

Peace to you in your time of trial. Know that you are not alone: there are others who can give you valuable inspiration to make the right choice.

Seek out those people. May your mind be clear, your decision wise, and your heart unladen by what may or may not be.

To those who suffer a great sorrow:

May love and joy fill your life in this difficult time. May your sorrow soon wane and fade, in favor of a brighter future.

girlfriends, girls on wall, girls sitting, young ladies sitting, friends, friendship, encouragingFind a friend who is willing to bear with you. Learn of their troubles, and be there for them, as there are few greater solutions to sorrow than to occupy your time with others, rather than yourself.

To those ensnared by the cruelty of society:

Do not let the withering words of society bring you down. Instead, take strength under their pressure, and emerge the better for it.

Bear their intensity for only long enough that you benefit from the resistance, then break free and stand firm.

RS Jacobs © 2011