For Want of Magic Thread

In A Dream (For Want Of Magic Thread)[1]

by: RS Jacobs

I dream of what I have never witnessed,

Such dreams as I have not heard of before;

A world where I may shoot flame from my fist,

Or else one of pure light and bright color.

elephant painting, tree painting, art, paintingI fly adorned in light angel’s plumage,

Then fall into Dante’s circles of doom.[2]

My mind then shifts to twisted homage,

With my rich crop caught in temptress’ vile loom.[3]

Beasts hide in my mind to cruelly conspire;

Will I from this nightmare ever egress?

If I cannot escape this foul mind’s mire,

Then I will not ever in life progress.

If all is as my mind makes these things seem,

I have great doubt I will escape this dream.

–RSJacobs 2011

[1] This is a reference to the story of Theseus and Ariadne, in which Theseus must navigate Daedalus’ labyrinth to slay the Minotaur, then find his way out. Daedalus built the labyrinth so confusingly that he himself nearly failed to escape. When Theseus was challenged to this daunting task, Ariadne gave him a skein of enchanted thread that would show him the way out.

[2] Dante Alighieri, writer of the Divine Comedy – Inferno, Purgatory, and Paradise. In the story of Inferno, Dante travels through the Nine Circles of Hell.

[3] This refers to the Biblical story of Samson and Delilah, in which Delilah wished to know the source of Samson’s supernatural strength and how to remove that power. Samson lied to her, saying that weaving his hair into a loom would drain him of all his strength.


Words to Uplift

To the heavy-laden:alone, lonely person, lonely man, man in museum, man looking out window

Watch your work carefully, and know that while you need not quit, you must stop at some point, for some time, or else be too fatigued to continue working.

So long as you lift and carry that burden may your strength be renewed, your endurance rendered even stronger, and your legs given strength for one more day.

To those making difficult decisions:

Peace to you in your time of trial. Know that you are not alone: there are others who can give you valuable inspiration to make the right choice.

Seek out those people. May your mind be clear, your decision wise, and your heart unladen by what may or may not be.

To those who suffer a great sorrow:

May love and joy fill your life in this difficult time. May your sorrow soon wane and fade, in favor of a brighter future.

girlfriends, girls on wall, girls sitting, young ladies sitting, friends, friendship, encouragingFind a friend who is willing to bear with you. Learn of their troubles, and be there for them, as there are few greater solutions to sorrow than to occupy your time with others, rather than yourself.

To those ensnared by the cruelty of society:

Do not let the withering words of society bring you down. Instead, take strength under their pressure, and emerge the better for it.

Bear their intensity for only long enough that you benefit from the resistance, then break free and stand firm.

RS Jacobs © 2011

What is it?

What is it
That drives and halts the soul?
What is it
That mends and breaks the heart?
What is it
That draws the winds of change
And brings them as but a breeze to some,
And yet a storm to others?

Is it Literature? The written word?
That sprawling, scrawling, inky text unheard?
Shakespeare, Elliot, Browning, Poe, Doyle?
Is the written word the mortal coil?
It could be argued by the greater men
Of our time, that a word can do you in.
But a word bears no power of its own.
It needs man’s mind to become fully grown.

Is it Culture? Is it politicians?
That inspires the called to their missions?
Churchill, Washington, Hitler, Gandhi, no.
The ebbing waves of culture come and go.
But if not culture, well, what is it then?
What drives the most essential life of men?
It cannot be found in the written word,
And it was not by man that man occurred.

What makes the blood boil?
For what does man toil?
What mends and breaks the heart?
Not math, science, or art.
What destroys the past without fail,
And makes the future just a tale?
The winds of change, the sands of time,
A word of reason or of rhyme.

Man does not
Drive or halt the soul.
Man does not
Mend or break the heart.
Man does not
Draw the winds of change.
He can’t make them but a breeze to some,
And yet a storm to others.
Gilded in armor of light,
Our answer is just in sight.
Do you know the Answer?

Shadows Dance

by R.S. Jacobs

forest, trees, tall trees, glade

Two darted silently through the dark glade,
To escape death by Imperial blade.
They ran side by side in the pitch dark night.
They fought side by side in the rebel fight.
Neither spoke,
Neither paused,
Neither broke any laws.

Shadows dance at the sight of them,
And the bright moon sings on a whim.
Shadows dance at the sight of them,
And the bright moon sings on a whim.

When daylight came, then all would be right,
But they would not hope until first light.
Even these two would at some time tire,
So they came to rest on a rocky spire.
Neither spoke
As they paused.
Condemned by all laws.

Shadows dance at the sight of them,
And the bright moon sings on a whim.
Shadows dance at the sight of them,
And the bright moon sings on a whim.

bird, white bird, dove, bird on groundNight drew on far too long; they were found.
The Empire came; their fates were bound.
The two figures knew they had to part.
Fair took wing, and was off like a dart.
Beast took paw, as the two moved apart.

tiger, cub, tiger cub, tiger looking through window

Light dances at the sight of them,
And the bright sun shines down on them.
Wing and paw moved their ways,
To be reunited in later days.

Not So Favorite

by R.S. Jacobs 

September 11, 2010

Green mold on white bread and juice stains on clothing,

Bright auto headlights and slow PC loading,

Gross rare hamburgers no onion rings,

These are a few not so favorite things.broccoli shake, broccoli drink, green drink

Short colored pencils and warm broccoli smoothies,

Roadblocks and mind blocks and musical movies,

Wild bees that fly with sharp pain on their stings,

These are a few not so favorite things.

Girls in those short shorts as clothed barely passes,

Sawdust that gets in my nose and eyelashes,

Shiny white chess knights that kill my chess kings,

These are a few not so favorite things.

tiger teeth, tiger jaw, tiger mouthWhen the dog bites,

When the bee stings,

When I’m feeling sad,

I try to forget all these annoying things,

And then I don’t feel so bad.